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Upcycle your Waste: Interreg 2 Seas

Save money. Save the planet. Start upcycling.

Upcycling takes your waste and turns it into something better. It's more energy efficient than recycling: rather than breaking down the object, and starting from scratch, upcycling takes your object, and improves it. So your waste becomes something which is worth more: better for the planet, and better for your bank balance. 

We're working with Small & Medium Enterprises from across the city to build a circular economy in Upcycle Your Waste. This EU initiative is free to all participating businesses, and will give your business the opportunity to save money on waste costs, and increase sustainability. Download the flyer to find out more.


We ran an amazing, high energy weekend eco-event in July to come up with initiatives that will help us ditch landfill and form a circular economy instead: better for the planet and the pocket. Organised in collaboration with Sync the City & University of East Anglia, StartUpCycle generated ideas to create solutions to our big waste problem.  The Winners, called Scoop, received a prize of £3000 and are now working to turn their idea into reality. 

See the “Dragon’s Den” style pitches here.


Case Studies

Jessica Mae Studio shares how she transforms milk bottles  into stunning lampshades, and how she was inspired by to upcycle because of the crisis in landfill. 

Joe Hill, Co-founder of plant based company One Planet Pizza, explains how a sustainable approach benefits his business. 

George Bailey, Co-founder of Coral Eyewear, shares how a passion for the environment inspired his business.


A greener way of doing business.

Taking place over the next three years, this is a long-term project working to reduce short-term thinking. Whatever your business is: a shop, a school, a restaurant, a manufacturer or anything in between, we want to help you reduce your waste, and repurpose your rubbish. Positive for the environment, and for the economy, ‘Interreg 2 Seas’ is a practical project designed to create results.

We’ll work with you step by step through the process, helping to identify potential opportunities and producing toolkits so you can move forward. The more businesses that participate, the larger the impact. This is an opportunity to improve your green rating, and play a greater role in your community.

By identifying the types of waste thrown away, the needs of organisations throughout the city, and the potential for upcycling, we’ll keep waste out of landfill and create a circular, sustainable economy.

Norwich is one of only six cities participating in Upcycle Your Waste designed to create a sustainable and less wasteful future, and funded by Interreg 2 Seas and the European Union. SMEs from across the Greater Norwich Area are invited to participate, and play crucial part in the future of the city.

 Would you like to know more?  Please contact martin.blackwell@norwichbid.co.uk 


Upcycle Your Waste - Transforming business waste flows into resources at local level

The objective of Upcycle Your Waste is to accelerate the adoption of circular business cases by SMEs that transform waste flows into resources at local level. We aim to achieve this by developing and introducing knowledge, tools and facilities that enable SMEs and local authorities to make this transition.

The overall result of the project is an increased adoption of circular business cases by SMEs in the partner areas in the UK, Belgium, France and The Netherlands, which includes Norwich BID and Kent County Council, OD IJmond, Economisch Huis Oostende, City of Roubaix, Technische Universiteit Delft, Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid.

This project receives support from the EU under the Interreg 2 Seas Programme and will run until 2022.

Visit the Upcycle Your Waste European website.

For more information about the project in Norwich  and how you might get involved please contact martin.blackwell@norwichbid.co.uk

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