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What is Upcycling?

Save money. Save the planet. Start upcycling.

Upcycling takes your waste and turns it into something better. It's more energy efficient than recycling: rather than breaking down the object, and starting from scratch, upcycling takes your object, and improves it. So your waste becomes something which is worth more: better for the planet, and better for your bank balance. 

Norwich BID are working with Small & Medium Enterprises from across the city to build a circular economy in Norwich. 'Upcycle your Waste' is designed to take waste produced by Norwich businesses, and turn it into new resources. This is an EU initiative, and free to all participating businesses - giving your business the opportunity to save money on waste costs, and reduce the waste it sends to landfill.

Read our report on the Business Case for Upcycling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Waste Producer?

A waste producer is a Norwich based SME generating waste who is contributing to the scheme.

Who is a Waste User?

An organisation or individual up-cycler of SME waste.

Why get involved?

For Producers - to redirect your business rubbish towards Users to create something of equal or greater value.

For Users - to access the free waste of hundreds of small businesses we have surveyed in Norwich city centre and the opportunity to receive a £1,000 grant in doing so.

How much and which waste materials can be accessed?

Norwich BID conducted almost 300 waste audits in local companies over the past year. A Waste Factsheet has been prepared for the most common materials which can be found below in our 'Research & Resources' section.

What about waste regulations?

Norwich BID has an active role in helping businesses operate in the city. We have our own governance processes and are working with specialists on regulating this particular project as it progresses.

What counts as an upcycled product?

There are numerous fabulous upcycling producers and products out there. Here are a couple of example companies that have made something awesome by Upcycling Your Waste: Coral EyewearJessica Mae.


Upcycle Your Waste - Transforming business waste flows into resources at local level

The objective of Upcycle Your Waste is to accelerate the adoption of circular business cases by SMEs that transform waste flows into resources at local level. We aim to achieve this by developing and introducing knowledge, tools and facilities that enable SMEs and local authorities to make this transition.

The overall result of the project is an increased adoption of circular business cases by SMEs in the partner areas in the UK, Belgium, France and The Netherlands, which includes Norwich BID and Kent County Council, OD IJmond, Economisch Huis Oostende, City of Roubaix, Technische Universiteit Delft, Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid.

This project receives support from the EU under the Interreg 2 Seas Programme and will run until 2022.

Visit the Upcycle Your Waste European website.

For more information about the project in Norwich  and how you might get involved please contact martin.blackwell@norwichbid.co.uk

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