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Norwich's Inward Investment campaign

We want to bring more business and talent into the city.

From attracting already-established businesses looking to relocate and scale, to prospective employees considering a move, we’re showcasing how Norwich is one of the best cities in the UK for quality of life.

 Our newest project is all about inward investment, and represents the next-step for our ‘Norwich, the City of Stories’ brand. Celebrating the very best of our city’s maverick spirit, and grounded in our famous literary history, ‘City of Stories’ evolved from our destination campaign in 2014, to the place-brand for the city in 2019.  To date ‘City of Stories’ has been largely focussed on Norwich’s tourism offer, through our VisitNorwich channels.

 And now, we’re getting down to business.

InvestNorwich is the working title for the official investment initiative for Norwich, operated by Norwich Business Improvement District. 

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Funded as part of the Towns Deal for Norwich (a £25m grant for the city, provided by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government), InvestNorwich will put Norwich’s commercial offer firmly on the map. We will deliver real impact by introducing a cohesive approach across all our business partners, events collateral and national campaigns.

Seeking to attract businesses interested in relocation, InvestNorwich will promote the city as a hub for business investment and as a top UK city for quality of life. We are dedicated to inspiring both employers and employees to relocate to the City of Stories, encouraging staff retention, and driving inward investment to maximize Norwich’s potential as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. 

 InvestNorwich has three key areas of focus: 

  • Inward Investment: Increase in commercial (retail, hospitality, office space etc) property occupation, contribute to sector cluster growth, company strategies and business tourism.
  • People: Attract and retain talent and have a positive impact on the job market for Norwich businesses – reducing unemployment and contributing to the prosperity of the city.
  • Sentiment and Perception: Convey to prospective businesses and employees that Norwich is an attractive destination in which to live and work, and positively impact on public perception of the city.

 As well as forming part of the Norwich Town Deal, this project contributes to the 2040 City Vision for Norwich: the long term strategy for the city, structured around five core pillars: a creative city, a livable (sustainable) city, a fair city, a dynamic city and a connected city. 

 If you are considering moving your business or opening a new office, please get in touch at and we will do all we can to point you in the right direction and help you with your move to one of the best – most exciting – cities in the UK.  

And look out for our newest campaign, launching June 2022.