Norwich Upcycling Exchange Directory

The Norwich Upcycling Exchange Directory is a register of all the available resources, sorted by their waste stream, from across the city. If you're interested in anything on this page, please get in touch using the links below. 

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Organic Products

Coffee Grounds, city centre 

Coffee grounds are collected in 16 L buckets from an assortment of retailers within the city centre. They can be quite moist, but drying them out would increase their use dramatically. 

Collection frequency: Daily/weekly 

Volume available: 1x 16L bucket 

Location: Multiple sites across Norwich 

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Citrus Peels, city centre

10-15  half lemons from a leisure and hospitality venue in the city centre, handled by customers. If dehydrated, can have lifespan expanded significantly. 

Collection frequency: Daily/weekly 

Volume available: 10-15 half lemons 

Location: City Centre 

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Paper Products

Paper off-cuts, NR3

Large quantity of off-cuts from a local printing company of varying sizes and colours, as well as white paper. 

Collection frequency: Weekly/monthly 

Volume available: 1000 sheets

Location: Outskirts of Norwich 

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Paper, city centre

Excess paper from a professional service company in the city centre.

Volume available 

Location: City Centre 

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