Free Wi-Fi

We are working hard to keep Norwich a well-connected city.

In 2019, we doubled the area of our open guest ‘free-wi-fi’ network.  Available 24/7 the network is live throughout the main city centre, from Chapelfield Gardens to Norwich Castle, London Street and the Lanes and covering St Andrew’s, Surrey Street and Prince of Wales Road.

With free Wi-Fi across the city centre it is easy for visitors to surf with ease and stay connected.  The free network offers speeds of up to 5Mbps per second, bringing a truly connected experience to city centre users.

Get Connected

In Wi-Fi settings select 'Free-Wifi-NorwichBID'. Registration is available through four options (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and registration form).  

Registration is only required once; afterwards the device will automatically connect to the free Wi-Fi whenever it is in range.