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District Dialogues

Bringing businesses together to maximise opportunities

Our new District Dialogues will empower local businesses to communicate, collaborate, and create. District Dialogues bring organisations closer together, using geographical proximity to encourage cross-sector discussions. 

We've identified 8 districts in the city, each with their own assets and needs. We will set up a conversation (or dialogue) in each of these districts, so we can bring local businesses together and begin to articulate what makes each area unique, and how Norwich BID can support the evolution and improvement of each neighbourhood.  All businesses are welcome at District Dialogues, where they will harness the power of collaboration, working together to grow each business to new levels.

The District Dialogues use key lessons from business collaboration, across all sectors, and applies these on a geographic basis, to help each sector and area flourish. The District Dialogues are about being actively responsible for the health of your ‘district’ by sharing skills and knowledge for the benefit of the whole district.

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