Community Renewal Fund

Norfolk BID’s Community Renewal Fund  

Benefit from a host of free business building and boosting initiatives, including digital skills training, essential hospitality qualifications, a business support hub, and assistance working towards Net Zero Waste. 

Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn BIDs have come together to offer agile and flexible solutions post Covid-19 to rebuild confidence in our high streets as destinations. We are creating opportunities to trial new approaches and innovative ideas, so businesses can adapt and recover from the impact of Covid-19, in a sustainable, diverse, and manageable way. Having successfully secured the government Community Renewal Funding, we are offering four innovative projects, designed to revive Norfolk businesses, launching January 2022. 

These four projects will be free for all local businesses and individuals within the BID areas who wish to participate, meaning that everyone can benefit from them. From online skills training, to place-based investments, these projects are all designed with your business and career goals in mind.  

Project One: Investment in Media / Digital Skills Business Training 

We are offering digital and media skills training programmes to local SMEs, to help businesses adjust to the new realities we face post–Covid-19, mitigating the impact of the pandemic and preparing for the rapidly changing future. These training courses will empower businesses to harness the power of digital confidently, giving them the tools to make the most the potential of digital and online opportunities.    

Project Two: Business Support Hubs 

Spaces will be set up in each of the three areas (Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn) which will give SMEs,  and/or entrepreneurs seeking to start up business in the area, the opportunity to seek one-to-one advice and support. There is also the chance to hold networking and training events at these spaces. These hubs will be an epicentre for local business, open to all that require guidance, due to open January 2022. 

Project Three: Net Zero Waste 

We will be supporting businesses within the three BID areas to develop bespoke Net Zero Waste strategies and delivery plans, which could help businesses reduce costs, attract new customers, and increase sustainability. We will provide practical tools to enable and encourage businesses to reduce their environmental impact, moving towards a zero-carbon output, with the potential to increase revenue growth.  

Project Four: Training & Upskilling the Hospitality & Leisure Sector 

Norfolk BIDs will help hospitality and leisure businesses, as well as individuals looking to retrain within this sector, by providing free sector specific training courses. These will include First Aid, Personal Licensing, Age Verification and Vulnerability training for both upskilling staff and for unemployed individuals seeking to join the workforce. 

Register Your Interest 

Are you part of a local SME, a member of the Hospitality/Leisure industry, or an unemployed individual seeking to join the industry? If you fall under the BID areas in Norwich, Great Yarmouth or Kings Lynn, then you can reap the benefits of our Community Renewal Fund projects. *

Please contact Gemma Howell gemma.howell@norwichbid.co.uk to register your interest in any of these projects in the Norwich BID area – we will keep you updated with news and information. Please email with your business name, sector, and which particular projects you are interested in. 

For projects in the Kings Lynn area, please contact Kings Lynn BID.  For projects in Great Yarmouth, please contact Great Yarmouth BID.

*Conditions apply:
For the digital & media skills training, you need to be an SME in the specific BID areas to be eligible for these free courses.
OR you must either be applying via your employer or be unemployed and wanting to get into the sector.