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Norwich BID FREE Wi-Fi

Wi Fi Lamppost 3Norwich is now a connected city as free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Norwich BID, is live throughout the main city centre.  Activities that require an internet connection are no longer confined to home or the office - access to the digital world is now easier than ever whilst out and about in the city centre!

The majority of the city centre - from Chapelfield Gardens to Norwich Castle, London Street and The Lanes and covering St Andrew's Street and Surrey Street - will have free coverage and download speeds of up to 5Mbps per second, bringing a truly connected experience to city centre users.  

Get Connected

In Wi-Fi settings select 'Free-Wifi-NorwichBID'. Registration is available through four options (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and registration form).  

Registration is only required once; afterwards the device will automatically connect to the free Wi-Fi whenever it is in range.


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