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Energy Scheme

Working with Indigo Swan we are on a mission to help remove the energy headaches and hassles for Norwich businesses.

We have partnered with award winning energy experts, Indigo Swan to help our city centre levy payers save time and money organising their energy.

Energy plays an important role for businesses, from heating buildings to flicking the kettle on for the coffee round. We understand it can be time consuming and confusing finding the right supplier for your business needs, checking and negotiating contracts, and Indigo Swan are here to help remove your energy headaches and hassles!

How it works

Indigo Swan are ideally located in the heart of Norwich city centre, and are within easy reach of businesses within the BID geographical area. One of their team can pop in at a time that suits you for a quick chat or a more in-depth discussion, depending on your needs, about your current energy situation and explore ways they can help your energy management. From checking through historical bills to making sure you haven’t over paid to finding ways your business could be more energy efficient, there’s lots of ways Indigo Swan can potentially help you.

Indigo Swan work closely with and maintain fantastic relationships with a long list of UK energy suppliers so they can access the best tariffs available for their clients. They can also provide award winning tools and knowhow that enable businesses to make better energy decisions.

What’s next?

As energy enthusiasts Indigo Swan are here to help free up some of your time by taking control of your energy management so you can focus on the things that mean the most to you and your business.

If you are a BID levy payer and want to find out more please contact Indigo Swan by emailing them or call them on 01603 625522.

The Forum Trust, a BID levy payer has already reaped the benefits of the services offered by Indigo Swan. “The personalised service, quality of advice and support we received from Indigo Swan over an extended period gave us the confidence to make the break from a buying group after 15 years

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Indigo Swan are an independent energy consultancy based in the heart of Norwich that places integrity over profit.  As energy contract enthusiasts, their tailored service fuses relentless efficiencies with a colourful personality, and an unflinching commitment to finding a better way.  They are proud to be exceptional, and this alongside their world class team is what makes their service award winning.

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