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Voice for Business

Lobbying for positive change collectively is proven to benefit business communities.  We will respond with one strong voice, through lobbying, research and initiatives designed to give Norwich a competitive edge, secure investment and put additional resources into the hands of the business community. We will develop and lead initiatives to coordinate and drive the commercial sector in Norwich:

BID projects could include:

  • Promotional campaigns to position Norwich as a top UK commercial destination
  • Transport and access lobbying and forums
  • Developing and growing business sectors/areas
  • Norwich congestion monitoring
  • Norwich city centre Wi-Fi
  • Recycling and waste cost savings
  • Vacant shop campaign 
  • The BIG Conversation - 3 annual sector conferences
  • Skills, Education and Entrepreneurship

We will provide additional resource, marketing and coordination for the city centre on issues such as Park & Ride and Norwich in 90.  By responding with one strong voice to campaigns designed to give Norwich a competitive edge, secure investment and promote it as an attractive commercial destination.  This collective voice will be robust on issues such as improved broadband speeds and faster rail links.

Park and Ride Lobbying

We will be undertaking research to find out if the current Park & Ride service for Norwich meets the needs of passengers and the business community.  The research findings will suggest potential recommendations, developments and improvements to the current Park & Ride service.

Business Travel Pack

As part of the Better Bus Area project, the Business Travel Pack launched by Norfolk County Council provides businesses with a wide range of information to be shared with staff to help encourage more sustainable transport.

Download the Business Travel Pack and find out more about car sharing, buses, cycling to work and how to make your daily commute stress free.

How Prepared is your Business?

Emergencies do not have a timeframe or a set schedule of when they are going to happen, however a carefully thought-out business continuity plan will make coping in a crisis easier and enable you to minimise disruption to your business and customers. For more information and downloads to aid contingency planning please visit the Norfolk Resilience Forum website.

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