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Welcome back to the City Hosts!

Our City Hosts are back on the streets of Norwich, helping people, giving advice and directions, and sharing the best places to grab a cup of tea and the best sights to see. Over the past year, the Hosts have helped in even more ways than normal: by delivering our free social distancing signage to businesses across Norwich, dropping off free face coverings, and sharing news of all our recent initiatives, from films to flowers.

You’ll recognise our City Hosts from their distinctive blue tabards (and the smiles on their faces!). These wonderful volunteers are in Norwich from Monday – Saturday, assisting visitors, residents, and businesses. Typically, each City Host does one shift a week, in the morning or afternoon, come rain or shine! They also often come in to help with big city events, like festivals, parades, and more.

Over the lockdown, like most of us, the City Hosts stayed at home. We know that the Hosts returning was a welcome sign of normality to our local businesses, and the people in the city. We also know that the Hosts were very keen to get back to the city – in their own words:

“I miss the smiles and chats with so many people, and the feelgood factor of helping them get the most out of the city. And it will be great to see the other Hosts and be part of the team again as Norwich comes back to life.”

“I like Hosting in the city, meeting local and visitors from near and far and answering their questions if I can. The Hosts are also a great bunch of people, and we all have a bit of banter between ourselves which makes it enjoyable. Can’t wait to get back out there and start sharing Norwich with locals and visitors once again.”

“Over the last year my role as a City Host has been on hold as the pandemic brought changes to our lives. I have really missed being able to help the many visitors and locals who come to our wonderful City, offering help and advice on which attractions, restaurants and shops to visit. Now things are slowly getting back to normal I can’t wait to return, meeting new people and catching up with the other City Hosts.”

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So if you see a City Host out and about, say hello! They’re glad to be back, and we’re delighted to see them again. They’ve got all the news of the city, and are happy to help, from directions to advice.

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