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ACTION REQUIRED: Please Winterproof Your Floor Stickers  

Earlier this year Norwich BID offered social distancing signage free of charge to all businesses to allow our city to begin the process of reopening to the public. With the colder winter days approaching we want to ensure your customers are safe by providing you with guidance of how to avoid any slips or falls which could be caused by snow or ice on the signage supplied.

Although the signs are a non-slip surface, we have been advised by the supplier that extra precaution would ensure public safety during the winter period. We advise that you use Rust-oleum ‘Supergrip’ spray, available from hardware stores and online.

As a reminder:

When the signage was provided you will have received a blue A4 sheet which provided you with information on where to install, how to install and distancing. Businesses were required to decide which safety measures were appropriate for it to take, relative to its own individual circumstances. Neither City Dressing nor Norwich Business Improvement District provides any advice regarding the measures that you should or should not take and we cannot accept any responsibility for any measures that you choose to adopt. This remains the case and use of the floor graphics is at your risk, and neither City Dressing nor Norwich Business Improvement District shall have any liability relating to your use of the graphics or the guide, save to the extent that our liability cannot be limited by law.

Follow this link for more resources to support you during the pandemic.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact us at and a member of our team will be happy to help.