Norwich Car Club

Members of Norwich BID can receive free membership of Norwich Car Club (part of Norfolk Car Club) and up to £250 free driving.

Norwich Car Club offers pay-as-you-go motoring to help businesses save money compared to using their own vehicles or paying staff a mileage allowance.

Norwich Car Club is the UK’s largest not-for-profit car club city scheme, with 50 new vehicles in Norwich and over 100 designated car club bays across the city.

Norwich BID members can join Norwich Car Club free of charge (waives £25 joining fee) at with promotional code “norwichbid”. Use the same promotional code (“norwichbid”) each time a new driver signs up to your account and £25 free driving credit is added to your account (up to £250 / 10 drivers)

Benefits for NorwichBID members of joining Norwich Car Club:

  1. Save money compared to using your own vehicles or paying staff a mileage allowance.
  2. Car club cars and vans can be booked for as little as 30 minutes at a time or as long as you need.
  3. It takes just 15 seconds for booking to reach a vehicle – so you can be standing next to a vehicle, book it on your smartphone, open it up and drive off…
  4. Each driver is issued with their own smartcard which is used to book and open the car club cars.
  5. The holdall smartcard, used on Norwich Park and Ride, can also be used to open and use car club vehicles in Norwich.
  6. All car club vehicles in Norwich have an all zones parking permit, which means they can be parked free of charge in any permit parking zone across Norwich during the period of hire.
  7. Car club vehicles are parked in a network of designated bays across Norwich City Centre including St. Giles Street, St. Benedicts Street and Bank Plain.
  8. Car club members can use not only the cars and vans in Norwich, but also over 600 vehicles in 60 towns and cities across the UK as part of the Co-wheels national network.

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