Alert Scheme

Free to all Norwich BID businesses, the ALERT business crime reduction initiative enables retailers to minimise stock loss and help leisure operators reduce anti-social behaviour by sharing information by radio, a dedicated website, and app.

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DISC - The FREE secure online information sharing system

The Database & Intranet for Safer Communities (DISC) is a secure online information sharing and exchange system for crime reduction within the business and retail community and is available free within Norwich city centre.

The system aims to reduce crime through the sharing of information and is successfully used by over 140 towns and cities in the UK, including 30 BIDs. DISC is centrally managed and continually updated by Norwich BID and offers the following benefits:

  • FREE to all city centre businesses. 
  • The DISC Intranet- A secure members-only website to access information, and submit reports to the group's administrator.  
  • The DISC e-newsletter- Providing updates and key information to all members.
  • 24/7 Access- Allows members to report and access information 24/7.
  • A mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows you to access information including offender galleries, news, alerts, documents, upcoming events, ID-sought images etc. 

Digital Radio

Delivered by Norwich BID, the ALERT push-to-talk Radio Scheme operates across Norwich City centre and provides secure channels for businesses to communicate with each other. The scheme is a vital tool for information sharing across the city centre and is an asset to Norwich businesses across many sectors. Installable on IOS/Android-powered handsets, ZelloWork lets businesses communicate effortlessly using push-to-talk over 4G/wifi with greater coverage and reliability at an affordable price. 

Exclusion Notice Scheme

To ensure that residents and visitors have an enjoyable experience in the city centre, Norwich BID operates an Exclusion Notice scheme. The scheme which sends out a strong zero tolerance message,  excludes prolific offenders in one establishment from visiting all other establishments in the city centre.

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